The size of the project does not matter. Whether it is a complex multiple spread; larger than 500 km; a smaller 10 km pipeline; a 2 km pull section; or fabrication work, RMS Welding Systems has the capability to support it.




Banister Pipelines Contructors achieves 0% mechanized welding repair rate on Union Gas Parkway Loop Brantford to Kirkwall section with RMS.



Enbridge’s Woodland Pipeline Extension Project utilized a series of high productivity, high quality weld process combinations employing mechanized gas-shielded flux-cored arc welding to assure success whilst navigating a right-of-way with frequent crossings.  





Alliance’s Highway 43/32 Pipe Relocation Project utilized a high quality combination of waveform-controlled short-circuit gas metal arc welding and mechanized gas-shielded flux-cored arc welding, resulting in a low 1.2% repair rate. 





A broad overview of mechanized mainline and tie-in welding technologies, with a Canadian context. Article provided by the CWA.



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