Supporting Equipment

Although offered as a standalone welding system RMS Welding can supply all of the following support equipment




Welding Power Sources
Welding power sources from several manufacturers can be used in conjunction with our welding systems. RMS Welding can supply or interface with our clients’ existing power sources.




Welding Shacks Link to Shack Brochure
RMS Welding can supply custom built pipeline welding shacks. The shacks measure approximately 12’ wide by 10’ long, and have been designed with doors and floors to allow easy placement and removal on the pipe. The welding shacks house all the external welding equipment and provide protection from the elements for the welders.





Decks Link to Deck Brochure
RMS Welding Systems stocks welding decks that can be adapted to most pay welders. These decks have been iteratively designed to allow easy access to welding power sources and cabling and allow for quick break-down and reconnection in the event of move-arounds.






Pay Welders
Pay welders are available, configured to our clients' requirements.







Tack Rigs
Tack rigs are available, configured to our clients' requirements.






Tech Shacks
We supply custom built mobile warehouse / workshops, from which we can service and maintain our onsite welding operations.


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